Diffusion Alloys offers an extensive portfolio of wear resistant coatings for a range of industrial applications. Our deep knowledge base and over 50 years of experience makes Diffusion Alloys a global specialist in protective coatings for wear resistance

DALtek CVD (Chemical vapour deposition)

DAL can apply Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Titanium Carbide coatings using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). We are one of very few CVD Titanium Carbide and Titanium Nitride coaters with the technology to chemically remove the coatings without base material damage if required.

With our in-house vacuum heat treatment capability, and supported by an experienced team of material technologists, DAL offers a one stop solution for CVD coating requirements.

DALcote High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coatings

Diffusion Alloys' unique HVOF spray cell, with a custom built robotic system, allows us to repeatedly and efficiently provide our customers with high quality HVOF coatings. DAL applies Tungsten Carbide (WC) and Chromium Carbide wear-resistant coatings using HVOF as well as MCrAlY coatings.

Tungsten carbide has equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. It is extremely strong and wear-resistant; only a few materials on earth can be used to cut or engrave Tungsten Carbide.

Chromium carbide is extremely hard and corrosion resistant; as a refractory compound Chromium Carbide maintains its hardness at over 1000°C. For more information about HVOF please see our thermal spray processes page, or watch a video of our HVOF machine in operation.

harDAL Boronising

Boronising, sometimes referred to as boriding, is a diffusion coating with a low co-efficient of friction that is capable of retaining its high hardness at elevated temperatures.

DAL are capable of boronising a wide range of metal base layers including nickel, cobalt, tungsten carbide and most ferrous alloys without sacrificing the corrosion-resistance or mechanical properties of the base material. Boronising is used in a wide range of applications and industries. It is commonly used to produce glass bottle moulds, plungers, dies, tooling and for components in the Oil & Gas and Turbomachinery industries.

For more information on our boronising process please click here.

DALoy - C Chromising

Diffusion Alloys was the first company globally to launch chromising as a commercial industrial diffusion process. With 50 years of experience in applying chromide coatings we working closely with our customers to provide specified or customised chromide coatings that satisfy specific requirements for wear and/or corrosion resistance.

Chromide coatings are used on a wide range of components, including chain pins, sprags, levers, rods, locators, seals and tubes.

For more information on our chromising process, please click here.