Diffusion Alloys recognises the need for an industrial revolution to drive down carbon emissions and protect the planet for future generations.

The company incorporated this overriding objective into the heart of its business vision for clean, profitable growth and has for a number of years fed the commercial direction of the company and driven its research and development program.

Diffusion Alloys has been at the forefront of the development and application of diffusion coatings to solve degradation issues in clean technologies and our coatings are now deployed to extend system life in the areas of hydrogen generation, fuel cells, solid oxide electrolysers (SOE) and forms of green energy storage.

Our DALoy diffusion coatings are specified to prevent a range of degradation issues, including metal dusting, oxidation, hydrogen permeation and the leaching of chromium.

We understand that the development of clean technologies requires a collaborative and exploratory relationship in order to produce the best outcome technically and commercially for our customer.

Our experienced technical team work hand in hand with our cleantech customers to ensure a smooth path from concept to demonstration to developed coating system.

With our significant experience in requirements for the turbo-machinery, we have the quality mechanisms, processes and knowledge in place to deliver reliable and repeatable processes and coatings.

The Company continues to invest in research and development which aligns with the Group goal of clean, profitable growth. Diffusion Alloys now has an exciting pipeline of R&D in place that fully supports decarbonisation objectives.

Hydrogen generation

Development of the hydrogen economy – ‘blue hydrogen’

Diffusion Alloys has extensive experience in the applicaiton of our DALoy aluminising to protect long tubes and other components from metal dusting that are used in steam reformer units to generate hydrogen. Our references with the major global technology licensees go back over 20 years.

Momentum politically and economically has continued to build around the use of ‘blue’ hydrogen and Diffusion Alloys has recognised and responded to customer’s requirements for larger units with the investment in its unrivalled 21m length furnace in Middlesbrough, UK, capable of DALoy aluminising tubes up to 18m (59ft) in length.

Diffusion Alloys has invested heavily in developing an understanding of customer requirements and recognises the criticality of the quality of an aluminide diffusion coating to the performance and lifetime capability of high efficiency steam reformer technology.

Solid oxide fuel cells

A aluminium oxide scale prevents chromium in the base alloy from leaching out and poisoning a fuel cell stack and so can be critical to the lifetime performance of a solid oxide fuel cell. Diffusion Alloys has been working together with customers in this field for over ten years and we are proud to be part of its commercial success. Our staff have built up an enviable expertise in coating development and process control for complex geometries, small heat exchanger units and tight tolerances.

Research and development

Diffusion Alloys has R&D programs in place which will provide new coating products for our customers which are focused around improving the environmental footprint of our coatings and/or enhancing the performance of coating and therefore extending life. These projects are our future will be offered commercially in the mid-term.