Our vacuum heat treatment capability has been improved by the addition of a new TAV vacuum furnace (model type TPH1200L). Our furnace is designed with the ability to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace market.

Why use heat treatment

Heat treatment is usually used to improve the physical properties of an alloy. The process of heating and cooling is used to control the grain size and crystal structure of alloys, and therefore the physical properties. In particular, heat treatment is used to improve high temperature creep resistance in superalloys and to degas titanium components for aerospace.


  • Fully automatic cycle control
  • Offsite computer monitoring
  • Operating envelope: 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.6m hot zone working chamber
  • 10 Bar argon or nitrogen quenching capability
  • Ultimate vacuum of 10-6mbar
  • Variable gas quench guidance system
  • PLC full process control
  • Custom built tooling and masking
  • Smaller vacuum furnaces for small or CVD coated parts


Our heat treatment abilities combine well with our extensive coating and metal treatment technologies including;