DAL is a leading European player in the protection of turbomachinery components. Our corrosion-resistant coatings are geared towards extending the life of stationary, marine-environment & flight gas turbine components

Offering durable protection against the metal degradation issues that arise in aggressive, high temperature environments.

With a team of dedicated experts and a comprehensive set of resources, we can offer a wide array of coating solutions that include:

  • Chromide coatings
  • Aluminide coatings
  • Boride coatings
  • MCrAlY coatings
  • Chromium carbide coatings
  • Tungsten carbide coatings

These coatings increase the efficiency and reliability of components such as blades, vanes, combustor parts, tri-pin blades and nozzle rings.

This means that our customers' products are protected from corrosion issues (such as oxidation, carburisation and sulphidation) as well as the general wear and erosion problems found in:

  • Heavy duty gas turbines
  • Aeroderivative/industrial gas turbines
  • Aerospace gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Marine turbochargers