Shot peening is used to produce a layer of compressive residual stress which improves the mechanical properties of metals. Our shot peening technology is particularly suitable for aerospace and gas turbine components

How does it work?

Shot peening is the process of firing small balls of either metal, glass or ceramic material at a metal surface to plastically deform it, and apply a constant compressive stress. The impacted and stressed surface prevents the formation and propagation of cracks and is also often work hardened.

Shot peening can be utilised as a stand alone process for a customer or in combination with a series of coating and heat treatment processes.

Our capabilities

  • Full CNC control
  • Fully programmable traverse unit
  • 3 axis capability
  • Rotating CNC controlled turntable
  • Custom built tooling and masking
  • Operating envelope: 1.5m x 2.4m x 2.0m