Wire-arc Spray

Wire-arc Spray

Diffusion Alloys uses wire-arc spray to apply metallic coatings to components including valves, springs and turbine components. Our most popular coating, thermally sprayed aluminium or TSA provides excellent corrosion resistance without losing the mechanical properties of the base material.

How it works

In a wire arc spray process two wires are fed towards each other with a large potential between them, as the wires nearly touch each other an electric arc leaps between the two and melts or vaporises the tips of both wires.

An airflow carries the fine metal mist onto the target surface where it solidifies into a coating.

Our engineers can control the roughness and porosity of our coatings by altering the voltage, current and airflow parameters in use.

Coatings available

  • Aluminium coatings (TSA) for corrosion resistance
  • Iron or steel coatings for further surface treatment
  • Abradable coatings, also available from our APS facility
  • Zinc coatings for a galvanised surface
  • Nickel or nickel/aluminium coatings
  • Copper coatings for an electrically conductive surface
  • Variety of coatings for brazing, can be used in combination with our vacuum heat treatment furnace


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