Our History

Our History

We have been supplying diffusion coating services for over half a century. In 1955 the Company first occupied its current facility in Hatfield, UK, where it became the first company world-wide to launch chromising as a commercial industrial diffusion coating process.

Corporate milestones have included the licensing of patents to Rolls Royce and the formation and subsequent sale of a joint venture company with Chromalloy, Turbine Services Limited, which carried out turbine refurbishment for every major European airline.

Throughout our history, as we have constantly expanded our range of services, there have been numerous additions of new coating capabilities, including in 2003 when the Company opened its facility in Middlesbrough for its long tube aluminising activities and in 2005 when we became an early entrant in the HVOF market for gas turbine applications.

In 2012, the Company began a new chapter in its history with its acquisition by Hephaestus Holdings Limited triggering a new wave of investment into people, processes and customer developments.

Diffusion Alloys: Our History


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