Industry Experience

Industry Experience

As the first company world-wide to launch chromising as a commercial industrial diffusion coating process, DAL has been applying protective coatings for over 50 years.

When it comes to coatings, we have been serving global leaders in the industrial gas turbine market since 1979 and the Oil & Gas and Process Industries since 1985. Customers come to us from all around the world with a metal degradation problem and we work in partnership to develop a coating solution specific to their requirements. By continually expanding our portfolio of coating applications, we have been able to apply this depth of experience into coating a wide array of components that are subject to aggressive environments in service.

In the Oil & Gas and Process Industries we provide solutions to metal dusting, sulfidation, coking, oxidation and abrasive wear. We work with customers dealing with metal degradation in methane, ammonia, syngas, methanol, petroleum refining and iron ore production. We work with customers looking for wear protection in Oil & Gas drilling applications. Our coatings for Turbomachinery customers are typically dealing with high temperature gas corrosion. In addition we provide our wear and corrosion protection coatings to a broad range of other industrial segments including automotive, packaging, renewable, distributed power generation and the textile industry.

We can aluminise, chromise and boronise the widest size range of components of any company in the world from components measuring in millimetres up to 18.5 metres long.

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