Health & Safety & Environment

Health & Safety & Environment

DAL considers the Health & Safety of its employees, customers, visitors and the general public to be of prime importance. We also take an ethical approach to our environmental responsibility & waste management.

We are committed to a programme of no accidents and no injuries in all of our sites, engaging professional support and active employee involvement in all our Health & Safety activities.

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact by:

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental legislation & standards
  • Using only accredited contractors to dispose of our waste
  • Carrying out internal audits to ensure waste management controls are maintained
  • Taking part in the returnable transit container arrangement to strive for packaging/waste minimisation

Our ethical approach to business is further underlined by a commitment to reducing noise pollution and our carbon footprint and investing in new equipment to ensure we exceed the requirements of the consent to discharge waste water.

Diffusion Alloys: Health & Safety & Environment


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